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10 Best Foods to Boost Your Energy

Monday, August 17, 2015

Robert Vincent Peace - 10 Best Foods to Boost... by robert-vincent-peace

Love Your Liver and Live Longer -14 Foods that Cleanse the Liver

14 Foods that Cleanse the Liver by shakirpoint

Health Benefits of Ginger

Sunday, April 5, 2015

7 Health Benefits of Ginger That You Didn't Know About

Health Benefits of Ginger 
Health Benefits of Ginger
Ginger has medicinal history that goes back a large number of years. With such a large number of healthy properties, it bodes well to begin adding ginger to your daily routine dishes, or start having a cup of ginger tea daily. It's very simple to make ginger tea, just add boiling water to ginger root slices. Adding lemon is an approach to improve its taste and get more health benefits from it.
Nausea and Vomiting during Pregnancy– Pregnant ladies may need to add more ginger when they are experiencing episodes of morning sickness. Ginger helps in reducing nausea, vomiting and dizziness associated with pregnancy.
Cancer Chemotherapy – Ginger has shown to treat particular Cancer and has also helped with reducing Nausea during cancer chemotherapy. Research has demonstrated that ginger can act to truly pulverize certain cancer cells.
Treats Stomach Upset - Ginger is a known powerful solution for the sickness connected with stomach upset.  Taking ginger in powdered, dried or encapsulated form can help prevent stomach problems.
Osteoarthritis Pain - Research from Australia's Edith Cowan University has affirmed an old treatment - that osteoarthritis pain is diminished with the use of ginger root. Study recommends that ginger may help reduce the joint and muscle pain caused by osteoarthritis.
Ovarian Cancer Treatment - Ginger powder can help in literally obliterating Ovarian Cancer cells. Research has proved that the cancer cells end up attacking and killing themselves by consuming ginger.
Menstrual Cramp Relief – Ginger contains powerful anti-oxidants and anti- inflammatory elements that help reduce and ease menstrual cramps.

Best Health Benefits of Grapes

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Best Health Benefits of Grapes

The medical benefits of grapes include their capacity to indigestion, constipation, kidney issue, macular degeneration, asthma and blood cholesterol along with other skin and health benefits. Grapes, a standout amongst the most delicious and scrumptious fruits, are rich with vitamins A, C, B6 and folate notwithstanding vital minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium  and magnesium.

Here are some Health Benefits of both Red and Green Grapes.

Health Benefits of Grapes 
One of the health benefits of grapes is that it can cure migraine. Actually, grape juice is an age old home solution for migraine. The juice ought to be taken pure, without adding water to it at an early hour in the morning.
The most extraordinary medical advantage of grapes is on the eyes. Grapes are useful for eyes. Grapes are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which are in charge of keeping up great eye health as we age.
Breast Cancer:
Late study says, purple hued harmony grape juice helps in countering breast cancer.
Blood Cholesterol:
Pterostilbene is a compound which is present in grapes and serves to bring down the cholesterol levels.
Grapes have high assimilatory force which helps in escalating the level of moisture present in lungs. Grapes are considered to have high remedial quality for asthma.
Antibacterial Activity:
Red grapes are rich in antiviral and antibacterial properties and shield you from different diseases. It has antiviral properties too which is viable against poliovirus and herpes simplex infection.
Grapes are very effective in fighting constipation. They're considered as cleansing nourishment, as they are rich in sugar, polyose and organic acid.
Indigestion can be prevented using grapes. Indigestion and irritation of stomach can be cured by grapes as they help prevent dyspepsia.
Kidney Disorders:
Grapes help in decreasing uric acid and furthermore attempt to reduce the pressure on kidneys by eliminating the acid in the human body system.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a heavenly natural product, as well as high in nutrition. Rich in anti-oxidants and phytochemicals, pomegranate is a standout amongst the most powerful and nutrition rich diet for overall great health.
Healthy Nutritional Facts about Pomegranate
·         Pomegranates are moreover high in vitamin C, with 100ml containing 16 percent of an individual's every day requirement.
·         Pomegranates are regularly refreshing on the grounds that they are loaded with a greater number of cancer prevention agents like punicalagin than different foods like green tea or acai berry juice.
·         There is next to no fat in a pomegranate and it doesn't contain cholesterol. The organic product just has 130-150 calories, with around 105 calories being gotten from the seeds.
·         It additionally contains high measures of vitamin K that serves to strengthen bone health and vitamin B5 that helps the body metabolize, protein, carbs and fats.
Health Benefits of Pomegranate

·         The organic product is likewise high in phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron. 
Below are some major Health Benefits of Pomegranate and Pomegranate Juice.
Cancer: Various studies have demonstrated that the anti-oxidants and polyphenols found in pomegranate have great health benefits and can help keep cancer cells from spreading and may even be equipped of killing those cells.
Heart Disease: Pomegranate is filled with Tannins, polyphenols and other anti-oxidants which ensure your heart’s good health. These also help with maintaining lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure.
Skin Health: Eating pomegranate can keep your skin lively, youthful, healthy and devoid of wrinkles. The anti-oxidants present in pomegranates can help defer the aging procedure.
Weight Management: Another health benefit of pomegranate is that it helps in weight management. Pomegranate seeds are rich in vitamins and fiber and low in calories. Pomegranate and other fiber-rich healthy foods, for example, whole grains may help in weight management while reducing the danger of causing chronic diseases.
Dental Health: Pomegranate has been discovered to be rewarding for dental health as it has anti-bacterial agents. Drinking pomegranate juice can battle off dental plaque hence keeping your teeth and gums healthy. 
gums healthy.

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